How to create the perfect UI for your new Mobile app

by Annie Moore
ui ux design

The mobile app industry is currently working overtime because everything today requires a good mobile application, whether you are a business center or a digital media portal. That’s why mobile app developers are these days working like lunatics to give something unique and interesting app to their clients.

So, if you are working on your deadline to develop a functional and innovative mobile app for your client, then you must be pulling your hairs by now. As today, designing a cool app requires lots of planning and resources. However, if you are looking for a quick way to design the innovative app, then you can play with UI of your mobile app to give something awesome to your potential client.

The user interface of an app allows you to create something new every time. UI gives the perfect perception of your app to the users. Thus, if you are ready to tweak with UI of your new project, then you can use the following tips for your rescue.


The user interface is a very important part of the mobile app designing process. That’s why it needs to be planned from the beginning of the app development process. You should create different sketches which should visualize the navigation steps from the front end users point of view. You should design different navigation setups for your app. Then, later on, select the two most sensible and innovative designs and try to implement on your app structure. Out of the two, the sketch which makes more sense practically should be adopted by you.


Your mobile app might have different screens such as the home screen, registration screen or any other screen. To create the perfect UI layout, you need to maintain proper consistency within your design. Once you have selected the final UI for your app, then follow the same pattern throughout the app. Because if you change font, color or background of the different pages of your app, then it will create a chaotic structure for you and moreover, users might not like it. So, to make the aesthetic appearance of your app, follow the consistency rule.


Color selection of your UI layout is the most crucial and important aspect. You need to select the color shades which won’t be difficult to read by the users. Such as if you are using the yellow font color over the grey background, then it will be visually incomplete for users. Moreover, pay attention to the number of colors, you are planning to use in your app as well. In experts opinion, maximum three colors should be used in an app in their different variations. Don’t go overboard with the colors as it will eventually make your app look childish.


Mobile app use usually follows the Paretto Principle — 80 percent of users will make use of just 20 percent of an application’s features. That’s why you need to minimize the features of your app and only select the features which are very important from the selection point of view of your app. Otherwise, eliminate all the unnecessary features from your app because they are eventually going to make your app chaotic and bulky. And, nobody like to install the app on their phone which is heavy and occupy large space on their device.

So, folks, if you are looking forward to creating a unique and innovative mobile app, then you need to play with the different features that UI offers you. So, be constructive and design a new mobile app with the unlimited tools offered by the user interface.

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