Data Structure and Algorithm is an amazing tutorial series to learn about different sorting ,searching ,data structures like Time Complexity, Linked List, Queue , Tree, B+ Tree ,and more.


Most frequent questions and answers

The data structure is a way that specifies how to organize and manipulate the data. It also defines the relationship between them. Some examples of Data Structures are arrays, Linked List, Stack, Queue, etc.

An ADT is a mathematical model of a data structure that specifies the type of data stored, the operations supported on them, and the types of parameters of the operations. An ADT specifies what each operation does, but not how it does it. Typically, an ADT can be implemented using one of many different data structures.

They are essential components in creating fast and powerful algorithms. They help to manage and organize data so that it will make our code cleaner and easier to understand. Data structures can make the difference between an Okay product and an outstanding one.

To implement printer spooler so that jobs can be printed in the order of their arrival. To implement back functionality in the internet browser. To store the possible moves in a chess game. To store a set of fixed key words which are referenced very frequently.

In my opinion, C would be the best language to learn data structures and algorithms because it will force you to write your own. It will force you to understand pointers, dynamic memory allocation, and the implementations behind the popular data structures like linked lists, hash tables, etc.

vector is a one-dimensional data structure and all of its elements are of the same data type. A factor is one-dimensional and every element must be one of a fixed set of values, called the levels of the factor.

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