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Best way to use google search you won’t believe exist

by anupmaurya
10 minutes read
Best way to use google search you won't believe exist

Life is all about searching things/problems and get a perfect solution of it so go for it here are some best way to use google search you won’t believe exist.

Some hacks to make your googling skills excellent and help you to land on your desired result.

Search Phrases – Use quotation marks to search for phrases.

This one’s a well-known, simple trick: searching a phrase in quotes will yield only pages with the same words in the same order as what’s in the quotes. It’s one of the most vital search tips, especially useful if you’re trying to find results containing a specific a phrase.

Search specific filetype – Use filetype after filename.

Sometime you want to search for only specifics file-type .Suppose you want to search for a pdf on “how rank your website on google”. So, you can do this by using, for example, “DEFINE: pdf.” i.e. how rank your website on google: pdf .

Find missing word – Use Asterisk (*) to find the missing word in the sentence.

Here’s a lesser known trick: searching a phrase in quotes with an asterisk replacing a word will search all variations of that phrase. It’s helpful if you’re trying to determine a song from its lyrics, but you couldn’t make out the entire phrase (e.g. “imagine all the * living for today”), or if you’re trying to find all forms of an expression (e.g. “* is thicker than water”).

Exclude a term – Use a hyphen(-) to exclude a term from searching.

You’ll want to eliminate results with certain words if you’re trying to search for a term that’s generating a lot of results that aren’t of interest to you. Figure out what terms you’re not interested in (e.g. jaguar -car) and re-run the search.

Search on a site – Use site: to get a result from a site.

Think of the “site:” function as a Google search that searches only a particular website. If you want to see every time TIME.com mentioned Google, use the search “Google site:TIME.com”.

Search Similar sites- Use related: to find similar sites.

Sometimes you want to search for similar sites on web you can you this by using related keyword. i.e. related: www.techarge.in

Why Googling is an important skill?

Googling skills, attention to details and determination will make you a better problem solver and overall a great developer.

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