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7 Graphic Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

by anupmaurya
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7 graphic design blogs that will inspire you

Creativity is something that waxes and wanes; even the world’s foremost design talent needs a swift kick in the trousers now and then.

Graphic design blogs aggregate a variety of great design into one easily-accessed space. Broad design blogs allow you to begin from square one; other blogs, however, categorize designs so that you are not forced to scroll through logos, websites, and branding examples with which you aren’t working.

Whether it be for a personal design or a client’s job, scroll through these blogs when you can spare the time, and let inspiration hit you when you least expect it.

3 things to look for in a graphic design blog

Some graphic design blogs tend towards overviews of many different topics, while others specify and hone in on niche design elements. Make your search more specific to blogs with audiences and purposes similar to your design.

“The design should reflect the needs and requirements of different industries. Look for blogs that were created for similar clients to yours and find blogs that report on, covers work within your chosen industry.”.

For instance, graphic design for a healthcare website would more than likely feature soothing colors—pastels—and get-well-related images like a person smiling after having the proper treatment. In relation, design working for a tech company will more than likely make use of striking and dynamic design elements: sleek and modern typographical appearances, limited color palette, and plenty of white space to express innovation and creativity.

7 of the best graphic design blogs to draw inspiration from

Here are some of our favorite blogs posting inspiration for graphic designers. They cover all the bases — from UX to website layout and logo design — to inspire your next project.

1. Inspiration Grid

7 Graphic Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

Inspiration Grid – a colorful design blog is going strong for more than 10 years with a bar of many contributors posting daily write-ups on various fields: illustrations, advertising, and art.

Every post is tagged and categorized so that users can find projects similar to yours for inspiration. It’s also home to tips and reviews of the best new tools to get your hands on. If you want to reach out into the broader design world, this is the place.

2. Creative Boom

7 Graphic Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

Creative Boom is a UK-based Arts magazine that develops daily posts on all kinds of art. Its blog includes major trends and premium quality design, photography, and filmmaking examples. Moreover, it contains free resources, tips, and practical advice on how to start and maintain one’s Creative career.

Creative Boom sends out a weekly newsletter and releases regular podcast episodes featuring insightful interviews with well-known designers. And if you’re only looking for inspiration, it has a navigation tab dedicated to just that.

3. Made by Folk

7 Graphic Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

Made by Folk posts audio and video interviews with creatives in the design industry, telling the stories behind their projects and explaining their thinking process. You will find sincere accounts of running a graphic design business and how experts get their creative juices flowing when they feel stuck.

Each interview touches on slightly different topics and allows you to really dive deep into some specific subjects of interest. For example, another is an interview from Made by Folk with the Glasgow studio D8 on beverage packaging design. Examples from D8 are run through in this conversation video, so it acts as a walkthrough both toward the process and the final product; therefore, even if you don’t make any packs, it sort of strikes the chords of creativity.

4. We and the Color

7 Graphic Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

We and the Color is an online magazine for creative professionals and all people interested in art and design. The blog carefully presents information on kinds of design, such as new fonts, branding projects, and infographics.

It also has a section on suggested online courses and software, downloadable fonts and templates to contribute to perfecting your craft. You will find inspiration there, and the tools to put it to work.

5. Typeroom

7 Graphic Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

Typeroom is a trips-only blog about typography inspiration, covering specific trends in typography, font designers, and the role of lettering in design and society. From in-depth analyses of particular fonts to interviews with industry experts, each post is steeped in information.

Typeroom also offers a newsletter and engaged communities on social media. In case you have an interest in writing and sharing your entries related to typefaces, you can be able to submit them as well.

6. AIGA Eye on Design

7 Graphic Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

You likely know AIGA as the professional association for design, but maybe not so much for their editorial platform for designers. Eye on Design is an editorial platform with stories about what it means to be a designer today.

But wait! There’s more. Eye on Design also hosts community events and city guides and a Design + category that includes everything from design applications in health care to gender and politics.

Their mission—building an engaged community—ensures you’ll see new, leading-edge content consistently.

7. Knapsack

7 Graphic Design Blogs That Will Inspire You

Looking for design system inspiration this year? Look no farther than the Knapsack blog. Stay current with the very latest from the design systems community, as Knapsack’s site covers best practice, events, and more.

You needn’t be a Knapsack user to read their enlightening (and frequently quite amusing) posts such as “The future of design systems” or “Six insights into design tokens.”


1. What does a freelance graphic designer do?

A Freelance graphic designer is a creative professional who produces designs using visuals. The job of a freelance graphic designer is to assemble graphics and images creatively by using technology and tools.

2. What are the rates of a freelance graphic designer?

The salary of a freelance graphic designer in India is between 1.0 Lakhs to 6.4 Lakhs.

3. Is freelancing well for graphic design?

A freelance graphic designer can work at their own pace as their boss. They make use of various tools to suit the requirement of the client. They produce various designs and work with clients separately. Their work includes creating designs and assembling graphics and logos.

4. How do you find freelance graphic designers?

You can easily hire freelance graphic designers online through Toptal, Upwork, Dribbble, 99 designs. There are plenty of excellent websites online where you find the best freelance graphic designers.

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