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Difference between machine learning and deep learning

by anupmaurya
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Machine learning and deep learning both come under the umbrella of AI. Deep learning is a machine learning application. Deep learning is teaching computers to think using artificial neural networks. Machine learning refers to the ability of robots to learn without being programmed. As multiple processes of neural networks evaluate the input and ultimately learn from their mistakes and failures, deep learning networks need less human interaction. So, keep reading to learn more about machine learning and deep learning.

What is Machine learning?

Machine learning is a subsection of AI that refers to an application of AI that gives a system the capacity to learn and develop from experiences without being built to that level. This ability allows the system to acquire new skills more quickly.

The process through which computers acquire knowledge via data analysis is called “machine learning.” It is a term that defines the junction of the fields of statistics and computer science in which algorithms are utilized to fulfill a task given without being explicitly coded. Instead, they look for patterns in data and then use them to generate predictions once more data has been collected.

The learning style of these algorithms can either be unsupervised or supervised based on the data that is employed to feed the systems. However, supervised learning is the more common method.

What is Deep learning?

Deep Learning is a subfield of Machine Learning that focuses on understanding the interplay between artificial neural networks and recurrent neural networks. The algorithms are developed in the same way as machine learning, although the latter includes many more tiers of algorithms. The term “artificial neural network” refers to all these algorithmic networks taken collectively. To put it in specific words, it imitates the human brain in that all of the neural networks are linked in the brain, which is precisely how the notion of deep learning works. Using its approach and many techniques, it can tackle all difficult issues.

Deep learning has found use in various fields, including natural language processing, machine translation, and driverless automobiles, to name just a few. Some common models for deep learning are mentioned here. So, let’s have a look.

  • Recurrent Neural Network
  •  Convolutional Neural Network
  • Classic Neural Networks
  • Autoencoders, etc.

What are the most significant distinctions between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

There are several differences between Machine learning and deep learning, but these are the five most significant. So, let’s check them out.

Human Interference

Unlike machine learning systems, which need a person to select and hand-code the applied characteristics depending on the data type (such as pixel value, orientation, and shape), a deep learning system attempts to learn these features without extra human input. Consider the issue of facial recognition software. First, the algorithm learns to identify and recognize the edges & lines of faces, then the more significant portions of the faces, and lastly, the entire representations of faces. The volume of data involved is immense, and as the software trains itself over time, the likelihood of the right replies (that is, correctly recognizing faces) improves. And this training is accomplished with the help of neural networks, comparable to how the human brain operates, without a person’s re-coding requirement.


Due to the volume of data processed and the difficulty of the mathematical computations involved in the algorithms, deep learning systems require far more robust hardware than machine learning systems. Graphics processing units are one form of hardware utilized in deep learning (GPUs). However, machine learning programs can run on less powerful computers.


Training a deep learning system may take a significant amount of time. This is because deep learning systems require enormous data sets and also because there are a large number of parameters and intricate mathematical formulae involved in the process. Further, machine learning can take a few seconds to a few hours, and deep learning can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks!


Most of the time, machine learning requires structured data and employs conventional methods such as linear regression. Deep learning is characterized by its use of neural networks and its capacity to accept enormous amounts of unstructured input.


Your email inbox, bank, and doctor’s office may already use machine learning. The science of deep learning makes it possible for computers to run increasingly complicated and independent programs, such as those that control autonomous vehicles or robots that can do intricate surgical procedures.

Data type

Most machine learning models call for data to be provided in a structured format. On the other hand, deep Learning models can use unstructured and structured data since they are based on layers of an artificial neural network.

The future of machine learning and deep learning

Deep learning and machine learning capabilities will practically revolutionize every sector and impact our lives which will be felt for years to come. Machines in dangerous work, such as space flight and employment in dangerous locations, may completely replace humans.

Furthermore, consumers will rely on artificial intelligence to provide appealing new and creative content reminiscent of science fiction. So, learn machine learning, a deep learning course, to prepare for the future.


This Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning article has thoroughly understood the fundamental differences between machine learning and deep learning. Also, it gives you a glance into the future of machine learning and deep learning. As you may already know, it’s an exciting and profitable time to learn machine learning and deep learning courses. The salary range for a machine learning engineer is between approx.: $ 100,000 and $166,000. Therefore, there has yet to be an excellent opportunity to begin studying for a career in this subject or to increase your understanding. Enroll in a Deep Learning course introducing you to this cutting-edge technology.

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