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DriverManager class

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The DriverManager class acts as an interface between user and drivers. It keeps track of the drivers that are available and handles establishing a connection between a database and the appropriate driver. The DriverManager class maintains a list of Driver classes that have registered themselves by calling the method DriverManager.registerDriver().

Useful methods of DriverManager class

1) public static void registerDriver(Driver driver):is used to register the given driver with DriverManager.
2) public static void deregisterDriver(Driver driver):is used to deregister the given driver (drop the driver from the list) with DriverManager.
3) public static Connection getConnection(String url):is used to establish the connection with the specified url.
4) public static Connection getConnection(String url,String userName,String password):is used to establish the connection with the specified url, username and password.
DriverManager class

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