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What are the difference between HTML and HTML5

by anupmaurya
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What are the difference between HTML and HTML5

 If want to lean web development or learning web development you must have came across both the term HTML and HTML5. This is basically your first step towards web developer journey.

Thus before going into the differences between HTML and HTML5, we will first understand what markup language is, then we will talk about what HTML and HTML5 are. Next, we will discuss HTML vs HTML5, how they differ, their features, which one to choose, and their advantages and disadvantages.

What is HTML?

HTML is an acronym of Hypertext Markup Language.I know you must know about that and this is not a new thing. But you know what is the actual meaning of it. If you know, that’s a good thing and if you don’t, just keep reading it.

If you focus on word “Hyper Text Markup Language“, there is a word Markup Language. Actually our computers only understands three types of languages :

  1. Markup Languages (HTML,XML,XHTML etc.)
  2. Programming Languages (C,C++, Python etc.)
  3. Scripting Languages (PHP, Ruby, JavaScript)

So next time if you give any instructions to your system, like Play Music or multiplications of 2 numbers or anything, it would be definitely from one of above languages mentioned.

Markup Language is also a computer language that uses Tags to define elements within a document.

<p>, <h1>, <img>

These are the example of elements. Some tags have both Opening and Closing tags and some don’t have.

So Whatever text, images or links you see on a web pages, is possible because of HTML. So without HTML, there is no use of CSS, JavaScript or any other languages that used to build a website.

I hope you understand about HTML.

It’s a markup language created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1993, this was the first version of the HTML.  HTML is called the language of the Web as HTML is used to create web pages and websites ( collection of web pages ).

Features of HTML

  1. Easy to learn and use: HTML is one of the easiest languages that you can learn and use to create web pages and static websites because of its easy-to-understand syntax and less requirements all you need is an editor ( Notepad, Sublime, VS code, etc ) and a browser ( google chrome, Microsoft edge, UC browser, opera, etc. )
  2. Platform independent: It means you can create web pages on any system, processor, or operating system and it will execute on any system that’s why it’s platform independent.
  3. Multimedia Support: You can add images, audio, videos along with gifs to your webpage with the help of HTML.
  4. Interpreted language: HTML is an interpreted language that converts the code into machine language so that machines can understand it. It interprets or converts code line by line to machine language.
  5. Hypertexts: HTML supports hypertexts so we can add hypertexts to our web pages to interlink web pages and make a website. 

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is also a  HyperText Markup Language that is used to make web pages and websites. 

So what does this 5 represent in HTML5 ? 5 in HTML5 represents that it is the 5th version of HTML and also the latest. It was introduced in 2008 by two separate groups: the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG).

Now lets learn what HTML5 gives you as compared to previous version.

  1. Audio/Video Support :Earlier before HTML5, we can’t use audio/video functionality directly. For achieving this, we would use Flash Player Support. Now with the help of new tag that was introduced by HTML5, you can use tag like this
<audio>, <video>
  1. Drag and Drop Features :In most of the websites, you must have used the functionality of Drag and Drop. It is possible because of HTML5.
  1. Creating Shapes :Now you can create shapes like rectangle, triangle, circle, Trapezoid easily.
  1. Semantic Tags :For a better SEO score, you must use these semantic tags.
<header>,  <nav>,  <main> , <section> , <footer>, <aside>

If you use these tags, the Google Bot will quickly understand each and every part of our websites.

  1. Much Faster :It is efficient, flexible and more fast if we compared to previous versions of HTML

However, these are not limited to above advantages. This list is long enough than you think :

  • We can track the GeoLocation of a user easily
  • More language friendly
  • Doctype declaration is quite simple
  • More mobile-friendly
  • Supported by all new modern browser

Why we use HTML5 instead of HTML?

HTML5 gives developers more control over the performance of their websites. Many of the Flash and JS-based hacks commonly used in HTML4 are now elements inherent to the language. These changes also allow for a faster and smoother user experience.

Is HTML5 easier than HTML?

HTML5 is more complete and easier than HTML4, it has lots of new tags like <header>, <footer>, <navy>, <Audio>, <video>, <main> etc. It also supports graphics. In the following image, we have described all the essential terms related to HTML and HTML5.


  • HTML is a standard language for writing web pages.
  • HTML5 is a better version of HTML by overcoming some disadvantages of HTML like multimedia incompatibility or multi-platform incompatibility.
  • HTML5 is a language of the modern browser, but in order to become proficient in using HTML5, one needs to know the basics.
  • The first is HTML. Thus a person aspiring to become a Web developer is advised to start by learning HTML and then making the transition to HTML5.

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