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Amazing Code Snippets related to Christmas

by anupmaurya

Giggling Santa Claus Snippet

Using this Pure CSS snippet you can show a giggling Santa Claus in your Christmas web pages and emails.

See the Pen Pure CSS Merry Christmas:) by Alireza Sheikholmolouki (@Alireza29675) on CodePen.

Single Div Pure CSS Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas tree that you can use on your website. This animation is created in pure CSS. You can see a minimalist tree with a tree topper in a circular space with snow falling in the background.

See the Pen CSS Gradient Art (One Div) – Tree by ari (@tari) on CodePen.

CSS Christmas Tree Snippet

You can use this pure CSS snippet to add a fancy christmas tree animation to you webpage, it was designed by Ana Travas.

See the Pen Happy Holidays! by Ana Travas (@anatravas) on CodePen.

Christmas Tree Animation Snippet

Use this snippet designed by Sasha to add a Christmas tree and a present to your website. When you hover over the tree it lights up and when you hover over the present it wiggles.

See the Pen #codevember -28 Christmas Tree by Sasha (@sashatran) on CodePen.

Merry Christmas! May God showers your life with unlimited blessings on this day.

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