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Computer Basics : Input/Output Devices

by adarshpal

Input Devices

The set of instructions or information is provided to the computer system or PC with the help of input devices such as (keyboard, mouse, scanners, etc). The Instruction or data presented to the computer system is converted into binary form then it is supplied to a computer system for further processing.

The Input Unit perform transferring the data from outside the world into the system and later this data is processed and the system produces instruction through output unit such as Printer, monitors, etc.

The Input devices enter the data from outside the world into the primary storage devices. The input devices are a means of communication with the outside world and our computer system.

  • Input Devices accepts or receives the data or instruction from outside the world such as input devices like keyboard and mouse
  • It converts the data or instruction or information into machine readable form for further processing.
  • Later it supplies the decipherable information to PC for additionally handling  They act like a connection between outside the world and our own computer system
  • Keyboard and mouse are the prime examples of input devices.
  • When the procedure is finished we get or receive desire result using output devices such as printer’s and monitor’s.

Output Devices

Output devices of computer produce or generate results with the help of devices or gadgets such as a printer, monitor, etc. primarily these instruction or data provided to a computer system is in binary code so to produce or generate the desired output the system has to convert this data into human-readable form, to do so it has to first present the data or instruction to a computer system for further processing or handling. With the help and assistance of output devices, the system is linked or connected with outside world.

For Example, The data or instruction such as Graphics, images or text is inserted in the computer system with the help of input devices as the data received from the input devices is in binary code, therefore, the data has to be primarily converted into humanreadable form after processing user get the required or desired data or set of information.

The prime examples of Output devices are Printer, Monitor,Projectors etc

  • The output devices receives all the data or instruction in binary code.
  • The output devices converts the binary codes into human readable or intelligible form for better understanding and better functionality.
  • They produces the changed or converted result to the user .which is effectively comprehensible by humans for proper and accurate understanding.
  • They acts as a connection or link between outside world and computer system or our own PC framework.
  • Printers, monitors and projector’s are the prime examples of output devices.

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