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Problem Solving Approach

by anupmaurya
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What is a Problem ?

We all come across many problem in our life. We identity that problem and take necessary steps to ensure that it is solved.

Similarly, In any Programming Language, when we come across a problem statement ,we identity it and take necessary action.

A problem is a difficulty challenge or any situation that needs a solution. Driving a car to office, making a cup of tea, solving a crossword puzzle.All these are problem that we face in our day to day life.

Step for Solving a Problem

1.Problem Identification or (Requirement Analysis)

It is an important phase in the problem solving. Unclear requirement will will leads to a lot of rework.

  • Detecting and recognizing the problem.
  • Identifying the nature of the problem.
  • Defining the problem.
  • Structuring the problem.

2.Designing a Solution

Identify all the possible solutions.Once the problem is identified ,design solution to the issue.

  • Creation of a design or plan to build a solution.
  • Design or plan could be a document, a blueprint or a pictorial document outline.
  • Plan details on how to you solve the problem.
  • Without proper planning, the real works leads to be very dynamics.


Actual implementation of our design.Also called as Coding Phase.

  • Implementation means acting on the chosen solution.
  • During implementation more problems may arise especially if identification of the original problem was not carried out fully.


Outcome of the implementation phase through different operation.

  • All codes needs to be thoroughly tested to make sure that not even a single bug is missed out.
  • If any bugs are identified , they need to be removed and the system needs to be checked again for consistency. Hence testing is a very important phase of problem solving.

5.Development & Maintenance

Development and tested outcome is finally given to the customer.

  • The deployment phase makes sure that the software that has been developed works fine in the customer’s environment as per the customer’s requirement.
  • Maintenance phase deals with the periodic updates that might be required for the application.

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