C++ Class Program to Store and Display Employee Information


Let’s see an example of C++ class where we are storing and displaying employee information using method.

#include <iostream>   using namespace std;   class Employee {      public:          int id;//data member (also instance variable)              string name;//data member(also instance variable)          float salary;          void insert(int i, string n, float s)             {                 id = i;                 name = n;                 salary = s;           }            void display()             {                 cout<<id<<"  "<<name<<"  "<<salary<<endl;             }     };   int main(void) {       Employee e1; //creating an object of Employee        Employee e2; //creating an object of Employee       e1.insert(201"Kashish",990000);         e2.insert(202"Abhishek"29000);         e1.display();         e2.display();         return 0;   }  
Code language: C++ (cpp)


201 Kashish 990000 202 Abhishek 29000

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