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Alternative Online Meeting Platforms than Zoom

by anupmaurya
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Alternative Online Meeting Platforms than Zoom

The recent lockdown across the globe has led to a staggering increase in the use of video conferencing apps and Zoom is among top choices.

But recent reports of Zoom being hacked, and user details being sold on Dark Web have raised a lot of questions on the credibility of Zoom.

Zoom Hacked: A report that as many as 5,00,000 Zoom accounts have been hacked and reportedly later sold back on Dark Web for $0.0020 (around Rs 0.15) per account and in some cases for free. As per the report, free Zoom accounts are posted on hacker forums. The first news came out from cybersecurity intelligence firm Cybele on April 1. The firm bought 530,000 Zoom credentials per account in an attempt to warn its customers of the breach.

In case you feel Zoom is not safe, and looking for a safer video conferencing platform, here’s a full list of the top free Zoom alternatives 2020 offering end-to-end encryption and added layer of security.

We have divided the best Zoom alternatives for each different purpose

1. Microsoft Teams:

The Microsoft Teams could be a perfect Zoom alternative for meetings and businesses. The Teams platform by Microsoft is quite popular among workplaces. It’s perfect if you want a safe and secure usage that offers video conferencing to PowerPoint presentations to as many as 10,000 people.

On top, Microsoft Soft as a free Zoom alternative also integrates Office 365. You get to easily share your important documents across Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office apps.

Microsoft Teams supports up to 250 people on a video conference call simultaneously.

2. Google Duo: For Small Groups Chats

The Google video conferencing app is a great platform for you to meet your friends, family or even colleagues virtually. Google Duo is a great alternative to Zoom with a simple easy to use platform with some useful features. Google Duo also supports audio calls alongside video calls.

You get added options as video voicemails and adequate safety with end-to-end encryption.

The Zoom alternative can have up to 12 people on a call at once. Duo can be used on mobiles, web browsers, and even smart displays as Google’s Nest Hub Max, making it an apt Zoom alternative for groups.

3. HouseParty: For Friends & Family

HouseParty has been a popular option for people who want to have some fun time while video conferencing. HouseParty has been a popular option among friends with online shareable live games. You can have fun with friends and family on a live call on HouseParty.

It’s free with some options to purchase games within the app. You still get a huge library of free interactive games making HouseParty a perfect Zoom alternative for friends.

4. WhatsApp: For Families & Friends

The most popular social messaging platform has its own video conferencing feature letting users connect seamlessly. The group video calling feature on Whatsapp is available for free, making it the most convenient option for people to connect with family and friends.

WhatsApp is the best Zoom alternative for families and friends. The WhatsApp video calls are encrypted end-to-end but can only accommodate four people at a time.

5. Facebook Messenger: For Families, Friends, Groups

With a Facebook account, you can use Facebook Messenger for video calls. The Messenger can be a great Zoom alternative for families and friends loaded with interesting features like emoji reactions, stickers, and games.

Facebook Messenger can accommodate up to six people at a time (on the screen), but 50 people can participate.

6. Google Meets: For Webinars, Meetings

Google Meets is still the best when it comes to webinars and meetings. Google Meets can have up to 10 people to be on a video call at a time. You get text chat, screen share, options to send images, video, and location.

Google Meets is a suitable Zoom alternative for webinars and meetings. You can also integrate your existing G Suite to use Hangouts Meet (chargeable) and add up to 250 participants per call.

You get access to all Google document services with the Meet service as Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides and such.

7. Cisco Webex: For Webinars, Meetings

Webex is incredibly robust and built to handle complex conferencing on a global scale — and its price point reflects that. However, sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t what a smaller business’ budget needs. Webex can have up to Features include unlimited meeting duration, up to 1,000 participants and all the latest features and capabilities to help you get the most out of every meeting and beyond. Host webinars and video conferences, collect audience data, collaborative sessions.

Webex offers end-to-end encryption for its video calls, but it’s not automatic. Call administrators must turn encryption on and can decide whether to make the feature optional or mandatory for each session. Webex has also had its own share of security issues.

Zoom is arguably the most used video conferencing software available today. But, there are many other such platforms & software too which are equally efficient & effective as zoom.

This blog is not forcing you to quit zoom. Instead, it is making you aware of the other software & platforms which can be used to fulfill the purpose & agenda of the video conferencing & communication in groups.

Happy Video Conferencing 🙂

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