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Things android users should know

by shivani
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Things android users should know

Hey  guys I Hope you all are doing great in your life.

As per different reports Google Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software. It’s most popular worldwide .


Android is an ‘open’ operating system, which essentially means that smartphone manufacturers are free to alter it to work in any way they want, and anyone can release apps for it. which makes them prone to malware and virus.
So,Here are some things you should know as Android User.

1. Don’t install software from unknown sources

Go to the setting not allow installation from an unknown source.

Things android users should know

2. Download Apps from google play store

Download Apps from google play store, which check the authentication of each apps which are uploaded and built a trust with user.

Things android users should know

3. Wipe all data from anywhere

One setting Always in your device, “Finds my device” with this you can wipe all data from anywhere whether you lose your phone but your data will be always secured.


4. Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a popular and powerful security tool. Always use this tool on your apps account like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, etc.

Things android users should know


5. Update time to time

When it comes to updating then update your device time to time because there are backdoor and loop falls have already but threw the security update these loop falls are filled, if not you do then hackers know that loop falls so as soon as security updates come immediately install.Update

6. Check rating and review

When you install any app first check rating and reviews of that app.

Things android users should know

7. Apps Permission

When you install the app then read carefully installation permission allow only necessary otherwise not.

Things android users should know

8. Charging at public place

At the public place not charge your mobile because it directly connected with USB.

Mobile charging

9. Face Unlock

Don’t believe the face unlock authentication only always has pin or pattern these are more secure.

Face Unlock

10. Wipe your data

Finally,if you have any problem wipe the mobile data and reset the phone some problems will be solved.

Things android users should know

I hope guys this information will be more useful for your as a android user.

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