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Different types of Database Users

by Techarge

Any user who uses database and takes benefits from the database is considered a Database Users. They can be programmers, scientists, engineers, business person or can be an employee. Database users are categorized based upon their interaction with the database.

These are seven types of data base users in DBMS.

  1. Database Administrator (DBA) :
    Database Administrator (DBA) is a person/team who is responsible for managing the overall database management system. i.e. the schema and also controls the 3 levels of database.
    The DBA will then create a new account id and password for the user if he/she need to access the data base.
    DBA is also responsible for providing security to the data base and he allows only the authorized users to access/modify the data base.
    • DBA also monitors the recovery and back up and provide technical support.
    • The DBA has a DBA account in the DBMS which called a system or superuser account.
    • DBA repairs damage caused due to hardware and/or software failures.
  1. Naive / Parametric End Users :
    Parametric End Users are the unsophisticated who don’t have any DBMS knowledge but they frequently use the data base applications in their daily life to get the desired results.For example, online library system, ticket booking systems, ATMs etc which has existing application and users use them to interact with the database to fulfill their requests.
  2. System Analyst :
    System Analyst is a user who analyzes the requirements of parametric end users. They check whether all the requirements of end users are satisfied.
  3. Sophisticated Users :
    Sophisticated users can be engineers, scientists, business analyst, who are familiar with the database. They can develop their own data base applications according to their requirement. They don’t write the program code but they interact the data base by writing SQL queries directly through the query processor.
  4. Data Base Designers :
    DataBase Designers are the users who design the structure of data base which includes tables, indexes, views, constraints, triggers, stored procedures. He/she controls what data must be stored and how the data items to be related.
  5. Application Program :
    Application Program are the back end programmers who write the code for the application programs.They are the computer professionals. These programs could be written in programming languages such as Visual Basic, Developer, C, FORTRAN, COBOL, etc.
  6. Casual Users / Temporary Users :
    Casual Users are the users who occasionally use/access the data base but each time when they access the data base they require the new information, for example, Middle or higher level manager.

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