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Message Switching

by anupmaurya
1 minutes read

In Message Switching, there is no dedicated path established between the sender and the receiver, as in Circuit switching.

For sending the message ,there are many intermediary message switching nodes which are responsible for transferring the message, and the message is transmitted as a whole from source node-to-destination node.

In Message switching ,when the source sends a message ,the destination address is appended to the message. SO in message switching ,there is no need to establish a dedicated path between two communication nodes.

When a sender sends a message switching nodes does not have enough space to store the message, the previous switching nodes has to waits. When the next node has enough space to store the message ,the previous forwards the message to next node.That’s why this type of network also called a store-and-forward network.

This technique is not recommended for real-time application like video and voice, etc.

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