Duties of Network Layer


Duties of Network Layer are as follows :

  1. Internet-working: It provides the logical connection between different types of the network.
  2. Addressing: Addressing is help us to identify each device present on the internet uniquely. It is similar to a telephone system the address used in the network layer should be uniquely and universally define the connection of a computer.
  3. Routing: In a network, there are multiple roots available from a source to destination and one of them is to be chosen. The network layer decides, Which root to be taken. This is called routing.
  4. Packetizing: The network layer encapsulates the packets received from upper-layer protocols and makes new packets. This is called Packetizing. It is done by the network by a network layer protocol called IP (Internet Protocols).
  5. Fragmenting: The datagram can travel through different networks. Each router decapsulates the IP datagram from the received frame. Then datagram is processed and encapsulated in another frame.

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