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Automotive Network Exchange

by anupmaurya
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In this article, you’ll learn about Automotive Network Exchange.

ANXeBusiness Corporation (ANX) is the company that owns and operates the Automotive Network Exchange. Since 2006, ANX has expanded into other areas and now provides managed security, compliance and connectivity solutions to businesses in the healthcare, retail and automotive sectors.

What is Automotive Network Exchange (ANX)?

The Automotive Network Exchange (ANX), a large private extranet that connects automotive suppliers to
automotive manufacturers.

Founded in 1995 by Automotive Industry Action Group (a consortium of major US auto companies), ANX since 1999 has been owned and operated by ANX eBusiness Corp., formerly a division of Leidos/SAIC but acquired in 2006 by One Equity Partners. Since 2006, ANX has expanded into other markets and now provides managed security, compliance assurance, and connectivity services to businesses in the healthcare and retail as well as automotive sectors.

How Automotive Network Exchange (ANX) works

The Automotive Network Exchange (ANX) acts as a secure communication channel between automakers and their suppliers.

Here’s a breakdown of how it functions:

  • Setting Up the Connection:
    • Automakers and suppliers establish secure connections to the ANX network.
    • This ensures authorized access and protects sensitive data.
  • Data Exchange:
    • Automakers can share product designs, specifications, and production plans with suppliers.
    • Suppliers can send quotes, order confirmations, and delivery schedules to automakers.
    • All data transfer is encrypted for maximum security.
  • Streamlined Processes:
    • ANX facilitates just-in-time manufacturing by enabling precise communication.
    • Automakers receive parts exactly when needed, reducing storage costs and production delays.
    • Ordering and production processes become more efficient.
  • Beyond Automotive:
    • While originally designed for the auto industry, ANX now offers its services to other sectors.
    • Businesses in healthcare and retail can leverage ANX’s secure network for efficient communication.

In essence, The ANX Network is a secure private network that uses standard, open Internet protocols but carries all traffic over private lines leased from various carriers. Through IPsec and end-to-end encryption, the ANX Network provides secure service to its customers like that of a typical virtual private network (VPN).

It is different from a typical VPN in that the routers that make up its network check every packet to make sure it comes from an IP address on the private network. Thus, nobody but ANX customers can get into the network. Triple DES encryption protects a customer’s data from the potential malicious behavior of another customer.


Imagine a private online network, exclusive to the auto industry. That’s essentially what ANX is – a large extranet that connects car manufacturers with their parts suppliers. Founded in 1995 by major US auto companies, ANX ensures reliable and secure data transmission, crucial for tasks like:

  • Collaborative Design and Development: Engineers from automakers and suppliers can work together seamlessly on new car designs, sharing blueprints and specifications securely on the ANX platform.
  • Streamlined Ordering and Production: Automakers can efficiently send parts orders and production schedules to suppliers through ANX, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Just-in-Time Manufacturing: Precise communication through ANX allows for the “just-in-time” delivery of parts, minimizing storage needs and keeping production lines running smoothly.

Is ANX still relevant today?

Absolutely! While founded in 1995, ANX has adapted and expanded its services beyond the automotive industry. Its secure network solutions are valuable for businesses in various sectors.

How does ANX differ from the public internet?

ANX is a private network with restricted access and encryption, unlike the public internet which is open to everyone. This ensures a higher level of security for sensitive business information.

Who uses ANX?

Originally designed for the automotive industry, ANX is now used by businesses in healthcare and retail as well.

What are the benefits of using ANX?

Security: Encrypted data transfer keeps sensitive information safe.
Speed and Reliability: Consistent and reliable data transfer is crucial for time-sensitive communication.
Efficiency: Streamlined communication saves time and money, leading to a more efficient supply chain.

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