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Automotive Network Exchange

by anupmaurya

In this article, you’ll learn about Automotive Network Exchange.

The Automotive Network Exchange (ANX), a large private extranet that connects automotive suppliers to
automotive manufacturers.

Founded in 1995 by Automotive Industry Action Group (a consortium of major US auto companies), ANX since 1999 has been owned and operated by ANX eBusiness Corp., formerly a division of Leidos/SAIC but acquired in 2006 by One Equity Partners. Since 2006, ANX has expanded into other markets and now provides managed security, compliance assurance, and connectivity services to businesses in the healthcare and retail as well as automotive sectors.

The ANX Network is a secure private network that uses standard, open Internet protocols but carries all traffic over private lines leased from various carriers. Through IPsec and end-to-end encryption, the ANX Network provides secure service to its customers like that of a typical virtual private network (VPN).

It is different from a typical VPN in that the routers that make up its network check every packet to make sure it comes from an IP address on the private network. Thus, nobody but ANX customers can get into the network. Triple DES encryption protects a customer’s data from the potential malicious behavior of another customer.

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